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Product Description

Gran Turismo Sport for PlayStation4 is a racing simulator game released exclusively for PlayStation 4 on December 31, 2017.

The simulator will contain 137 premium cars plus many others and 19 locations that will host dozens of circuits. The shooting mode called Scapes will allow you to capture the most interesting moments during the races and will offer images at 4K resolution.
Sport mode will offer weekly events, and the grand prize will be a very palpable FIA ​​license for drivers.


Rediscover the emotion of racing
The award-winning Real Driving Simulator series is speeding towards PlayStation 4 for the first time, to give you emotions that will surely speed up your pulse.
Collaborating with the FIA ​​(Federation Internationale de l'Automobile), Polyphony Digital has developed an accessible and well-developed game that everyone can enjoy, from occasional drivers to motoring addicts.
Put on your seatbelt and participate in two online championships - Represent your country at the Nations Cup and get ready to drive for your favorite constructor in the Constructors' Cup.
Can you claim a historic victory in the first game officially recognized as part of the world racing circuit?


The best road vehicles in the world

Each vehicle has been digitally recreated in the smallest detail. From the internal structure of the headlights to the seat upholstery seam, the team at Polyphony Digital Inc. managed to recreate each model with the same passion with which the designers of the original models did it.
The complete series includes 140 vehicles, both racing and production versions, which offer a suitable mix for all motoring enthusiasts.


A drop of fantasy

Vision Gran Turismo Vision Gran Turismo has allowed car manufacturers around the world to design fantastic road models and bring them to life in the virtual world of Gran Turismo 6. This project will continue in Gran Turismo Sport.
In addition to the new car models included, the current Vision Gran Turismo cars from manufacturers such as Bugatti, Peugeot or Volkswagen will be adjusted to compete in Gran Turismo Sport.


FIA Gran Turismo Championships

It is one thing to be number one in the world and it is another to do so while representing your country. Do you have what it takes to do that? Or how about competing for your favorite builder? Test your determination in two official FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) certified championships, where you will need more than your driving skills to be successful.
The champions of both series will be recognized annually at the FIA ​​awards ceremony, along with the true racing champions.


Travel all over the world

Travel around the world to capture your favorite cars on circuits in the most beautiful places in the world. Landscapes The Landscapes function is a real evolution for the traditional photo mode, present in the most modern games, offering the player the possibility to photograph his favorite cars from the game in places around the world.
Featuring a range of camera control features and post-processing effects, Landscapes offers players the chance to become true motorsport photographers.

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